Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bridges in Bedford

I thought that, in keeping with my bridge posting cyber pals, I should include a couple of pics of bridges that I have come across in my travels. At the bottom is the Bedford Suspension Bridge, dated 1921 and at the top is the Bedford Butterfly Bridge, dated 1998.

'Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.'
Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne


Talking Bear said...

I like both bridges. The butterfly bridge seems somewhat suggestive, well at least to an American hippie type of woman I know. I love it when engineers get artsy with the design. When I was in Seattle I was taken on a tour of the new library there. The building (approximately. 5 stories tall) looks like a huge stack of books from the outside. Anyway, I like both of these bridges.

AJ Fife said...

Now you're just showing off, young Peajay!!:D

Talking Bear said...

Hey PJ, I am not sure if it is an omen or what. But, you have claimed an unique post number on SHB this morning.......Are you
Norman or Saxon.....and have you been to my wife's village/town lately, or are you into tapestries....heheh? The number you claimed on SHB is ....?

Peajay said...

Please tell me it's not 666!!

Talking Bear said... are funny, you do not remember Mel's maiden name? The number was 1066 (battle of Hastings) The Normans came over and ...well lets just say it was not good for the Saxon. Contrary to belief, Americans do study history....sometimes.

anna said...

Nice bridges, Peajay and very good quote....

We've often played Poohsticks on the bridge on my blog.

Btw: The Bedford Suspension bridge looks a bit like the Millenium one over the Tyne at Gateshead. The one that looks like a Winking Eye.

Peajay said...

Hi Anna
The bridge was designed by the same Architects so I guess if you have a formula why not repeat it.

Did I doubt your historical knowledge? Boy! Was it soooo not good for the Saxons! Harold needed his shades on that day. The battle actually took place 5 miles away from Hastings in the now imaginatively named town of Battle, clearly Willie didn't fancy 'fighting them on the beaches'. Thank goodness Mel came from the coast or she'd be a Battle. :))

Talking Bear said...

May be she did come from that town....LOL, I will get a smack for that one, I'm sure. "BOY?" hummm. ;)

Peajay said...

Just never call her a Battleaxe!!! I think I could receive a cyber slap for suggesting it.:D

Anonymous said...

Battleaxe, heh??? "vee hav vays of maaking u talk!!!"

Vikings either like you or they kill least that is what this name quiz said!! I stumbled upon this silliness, Before I started on the Baileys!!! ;)

(I used my middle name, Ann, because Melanie was too unbearable...Melkorka Stronghawk...I like Öndótt Stronghawk better!!)

be honest....what is Your Viking name??!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Öndótt
My Viking name turned out to be
Þjóðgerðr Swiftgoat for Peajay and I came across as 'not a fearsome fighter by any stretch of the imagination.' I was urged to be 'more like a Viking'!

Anonymous said...

funny! I was an acceptable Viking, but not all that ferocious or something silly like that!!
Can you even pronounce your name???

Dr D is constantly finding these little personality quizzes...when another funny one comes up, I'll share it with ya'll! :)

anna said...

Öndótt Thickthews
(Well, actually, that wouldn't really be your name -- since you're female, your name would be something like "Öndótt Björnsdottir". But this is the twenty-first century, and you want to be known for who you are, not for who your father was, right? Right.)

Your Viking Personality: The tougher Vikings might let you on the boat, but generally only when they need ballast. You are strong and tireless, frequently shouldering burdens that would tire lesser women. You probably know which end of a sword to hold, but you're not a fearsome fighter by any stretch of the imagination.

A long sea voyage aboard a Viking longboat would be difficult for you, but you might be able to manage it. You possess some skills which other Vikings respect.

People who've known you for a while don't always trust your word. Due to your gregariousness, you don't strike fear into the hearts of your victims. Try to be a little more surly in the future.

Had a go at the Viking quiz... not sure if I like being known as Thickthews tho'!!! :(

As for the rest I'll try and be a bit more surly in future..

No comments, please AJ .. if you read this :))

Peajay said...

Hail Öndótt T (as opposed to Öndótt de H),
We really don't seem to have been Viking material do we? I do think Thickthews could be better than Swiftgoat.

Þjóðgerðr. ;D

Anonymous said...

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