Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For Anna

I thought I would post this picture for my cyber pal Anna in honour of the seal that has been spotted in the centre of Peterborough. These lazy guys were chillin' off Garinish Island, Bantry Bay, West Cork last year. Clearly from the pose they are the Kate Moss of the seal world.


anna said...

Thanks for the picture ... Peajay.. its really great .. I showed it to KK and he liked it as well..:))

I saw a lot of seals when I was in the Falkland Islands in 1994 ... the wildlife down there is fabulous. Penguins, seals, walrus, albatross and all kinds of other sea birds.

A naturalist's dream come true :D

Your blog is looking very posh... I hope Mary's birthday went off well.

anna said...

Nice new picture of you btw Peajay :))

Talking Bear said...

Hey is this like a "where's Waldo" test. I count 8 seals, did i get it right??? I am kinda of tripin on seals being in England. That is cool.

Talking Bear said...

I could not help myself, I got a clock widget too. :)

Peajay said...

I knew you couldn't resist one TB. Do you think that having two site meters on your page might be over doing it a bit though? :)
Sorry TB, back to school for the counting. I see 9 seals? :)

Talking Bear said...

oh Well, I still only see 8. The counter thing is way I created a "learning" blog. One is in the Html expand your widget code via me. the other is done with the oush button publighing's ass a page element. However, when I try a delet the one I put into the Html thngs go bonkers, so I just left it. The other one gives me more data that I like, so I kept that too. And there is a unforeseen added benift. One is at the top and the other is at the bottom, hummmm. Anyway Where's yours.......

Talking Bear said...

LOL, yep just like a man. Anna notices your new pic(which is nice) and I notivce your new thingy mac-widget. What can I say, I am Germany by blood, I love clocks......LOL

Peajay said...

My counter is right at the bottom of the page so no-one sees how few people come to see me. I reset it after I added the 3-column widget, but it still wasn't very high in number. :/

Peajay said...

TB, have you thought about trying this one? It looks quite swish.

anna said...

OK... in very easy language Peajay tell me how to get a clock and a visitor number counter..

Keep it simple tho'

Thanks :D

Peajay said...

We’ll start with the clock. Follow this link

Which should open ‘Free Clocks for Your Web Site’ Cycle down in Location to ‘UK – England – London.

‘Configure Clock Output’


Change to ‘United Kingdom – English’ or it will display in American (God forbid!)

‘Display Date’
Personal preference but I changed to ‘Date and Time’

This changes whether the day is written as Thursday or Thurs or not included. I chose ‘Short Weekday’

Again this is whether you want the long month name i.e. January, Jan, 1 or 01. I chose ‘Short Month Name’

Is how you want the numbers to display i.e 1 or 01 or National Default. I chose ‘Day with one or two digits (1-31)’

‘Between date and time’
Is how your time is displayed i.e. whether you have commas, spaces between each section of the clock. I chose to stick with ‘Default for country/language’

This is 24hr our AM.PM clock. I chose ’24-hour’

This is whether you want to display the seconds on your clock.

‘Configure Clock Design’
This section allows you to change the font, font size and font colour. If you have a favourite colour you could type its number in here or choose from the little black box on the right.

This allows you to either have ‘No borders’, ‘Common border’ or ‘Separate top/left/bottom/right border’ (this last one means you can change the size, colour and style of each border line. I opted for this.

This is related to the spacing between the clock and the border. It means you can adjust the number of pixels and stop it looking cramped.

‘Clock background colour’
Allows you to match your clock colour to your Blog page colour. Again you can type the colour code number into the box if you have a favourite.

Then press ‘Show HTML for Clock’
Copy ALL of the text that is displayed.

Go into your Blog, sign in and proceed to your ‘Layout – Add & Arrange Page Elements’ Click on ‘Add a Page Element’ then choose HTML/JavaScript ‘Add to Blog’. Paste by right click, the code which is saved on your clipboard. Add a title if you wish or leave blank. ‘Save Changes’ and you are done. You can also move this box up or down on the sidebar of your Blog within the 'Arrange Page Elements' by dragging above or below elements you already have.

It's a lot easier than it seems. :D

Peajay said...

For the Site Meter

Follow link to and click the link for ‘Sign Up for a Free Site Meter’

Follow through to the page ‘First tell us about your site’
‘Your Site’s Url:' this is

‘Your Site’s Name:' this is ‘A Day in the Life of…’

Can be anything you like but when signing in it must always have the s29 prefix. (If you forget after you have set up the Site Meter it will reveal itself on the bottom of your internet explorer page if you hover over the meter on your blog. Eg. At the bottom of my blog you will see white numbers, currently at about 105, hover over and you will see, right at the bottom on the grey section of your I.E page, s28muchtalk)

‘Your Current Time:’ If this isn’t displaying the right time then use the drop-down to correct it.

After this, continue to follow through with a password and an email address (which Site Meter uses to send details of your site traffic numbers, locations etc).

Having achieved this you will receive an email which you to confirm in order to complete the registration.

Having completed that you can login and adapt your settings through the ‘Manager’ section on the top toolbar.

First thing to do is click ‘Privacy Level’ then ‘High’ and ‘Save’ (you will be able to see the various options and why as you go through.)

Then select ‘Meter Style’ which enables you to choose how your meter is displayed. This can be changed at any time just by logging in and clicking another selection.

Select ‘Site Location’ which enables Site Meter to identify how far away your site’s audience is located. I just clicked on the map to give a relative idea of where I am situated. Press ‘Save’.

Select ‘HTML Code’ and then ‘Adding Site Meter to a Blogger or Blogspot site (or the Beta version)’ Click on the ‘Beta version’ which then gives you instructions for posting the HTML code onto your Blog (although it’s the same as for the Clock.)

Once again it's easier than it sounds.

Good luck. :DD

Talking Bear said...

Or you can cut and paste it right into your HTML code. Simple..yep.

Talking Bear said...

OK, you need to circle the nine. IC8 only.LOL

Talking Bear said...

Ummm, your link to the international time is not working. You need to open your blog go into the layout format or click on the crossed tools link on you blog face page. go to.... ( I have to make this good just in case Anna reads it)...layout and click on your "have a look at these" box. Then go down to the link that says international time and click on the edit button. Next you need to delete the extra HTTP// in the address. Then click on save changes. This should update the HTML code to reflect the right address, the one that will work. Then click on save blog chnages, then click on view blog. There simple. But I made it sound a lot harder than it is. LOL

Talking Bear said...

There is nothing more furstrating then a link that wont work....dont you agree?

anna said...


The clock was a success..... thanks very much. Your directions were excellent :))

I'm still working on the counter as I went onto the site and did everything but I haven't had an email from them yet so I'll wait and see with that.

Hi TB, thanks for your input :)) Btw Peajay is right .... there are definitely 9 - look again they blend well into the background!

anna said...

Cracked the site counter thingy... Thanks Peajay :D

Peajay said...

My Gosh TB! You have saved me from a fate worse than lack of international time, where would I be wilthout you (is that sounding like your in-depth instructions were invaluable, in case Anna was reading) :D
Also as a bona-fide former Sgt Major you should be well versed in the camouflage techniques of counter insurgent seals, look closer!! LOL.

Talking Bear said...

OK, I had to click on the picture and make it bigger, now I can see ll nine of them. It is so much easier when you make it bigger, I just could not make out the little brown one on the extreme right in the little version.

Talking Bear said...

Hey, you used my widget! If you look at "your" International time clock you can see Sleepy bear Hollow's time under the main block of clocks. I guess you liked mine so much you used it.....dont worry Mel does the same thing. I am glad you got your link sorted out, :)

Anonymous said...

what am I doing??? oh right...whatever he says!! ;))

gotta keep the peace!!! :D

Talking Bear said...

You have learned well my young maiden.......:) My name is peace, and she keeps me well.....

Peajay said...

Re-did the link again for the International time and think I've sorted it out now. Didn't intend to copy yours TB, sorry.
I can't believe your bantering/flirting with your wife on my comments page. :DD There is a time and place you know!! :D

Talking Bear said...

I kinda of liked my widget on your blog...LOL. Re: the flirting with the Mrs, Sometimes its better on the other side of the globe...;)

Melanie said...

okay Obiwan, don't frighten the cousin...right about the time and place!! :) Don't worry Peajay, I'll get out the whip and keep peace in line!! ;)) ...or was that 'bantering' back?!? sorry! :/ :)

Peajay, I'm sending you the butterfly photo...that was taken in the Southern Sierras; the seals, it was as if the butterfly was stayed there for quite a time...allowing for the photo op

Peajay said...

Melanie, thanks ever so for the photo, it looks great. I'm going to use it as a wallpaper for my laptop.

Peajay said...

'Getting the whip out' could bring to mind all manner of connotations that a mere cousin doesn't really need to be thinking about!! Do you have a mask as well? Forget I asked that!! :DD

Anonymous said...

nope, nae mask, but ah dae have....ok, nevermind!! ;)

I was wondering if others had to log in to Flikr first?? ok, maybee it's only to leave a comment, then....well, AJ's a gonner for sure, now!! ;))

I wondered if AJ saw our comments about Doreen, today/Wed eve for ya'll, then skedaddled for some fun and wanted to avoid Anna's and my semi-philosophical conversation tonite...I wonder if he'll fess up?? :)

I've been missing you, hope all is well!