Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I thought that I would share with you the work of my very perceptive and accomplished friend and Coppersmith Siân Elizabeth Evans. As you can see she manages to combine great, unique design with the warmth and glow of lustrous Copper. The most important thing that Siân brings to her highly individual work is the ability to merge creative energy with her fabulous sense of style. This is a master-craftswoman who knows and understands the very essence of the Copper and can manipulate it to her will.

To see more of Siân's work please follow the link


Anonymous said...

HELLO!You put my mum's work up!
from Ursi

storyteller said...

These are lovely indeed. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're feeling better.
Hugs and blessings,

Peajay said...

Hello Ursi
I'm glad you like it. It's all very lovely stuff, your Mum's a very clever lady.

Thank you Storyteller. Siân produces gorgeous work but a wider audience is always useful.
I'm getting there on the feeling better thank you. I've cut back on the notetaking and am now on Easter holiday for 3 weeks so hopefully this should help.

His Girl Friday said...

Fantastic artwork!! I love the warmth of it!! :)