Monday, April 07, 2008

More Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

You'd think they'd not seen snow before.


storyteller said...

How fun (to see from a distance) ... I guess it helps to have a natural fut coat, eh? Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

anna said...

Nice pictures Peajay and I must say your blog is looking very good indeed nowadays.

Was that the snow we had at Easter? Our lab went a bit mad in it as well and KK built a snowman, which had gone by the time we came back from our Easter Sunday outing.

Take care :))

Peajay said...

Hi Anna
Thank you for your kind words.The snow was last Sunday 6th April when I awoke at 6.45 to find a wee blizzard going on outside which was gone by lunch time. The dogs thought it was fab, they are funny to watch aren't they?
Hope all is well with you.

anna said...

I'm OK Peajay, thanks. Trying to stay positive and make the most of her while she's still here :)) The support she (and we) have had from friends, family and the medical professionals has been heartwarming.

There's a lot of good people out there despite what we read about and see on TV :)

How's your job going? Are you enjoying it?

KK is running about outside with 2 pals at the moment - they are so noisy - but that's boys for you and they're having fun:)

Speak to you later.

Peajay said...

Glad to hear of the trip Anna it sounds like a fabulous opportunity for spending precious time together while making lasting happy memories.
My job is okay, some good bits, some bad, the same as all jobs I guess. As with so many of these things they are made or unmade by the people you work with. I've only got a few more weeks before the end of the University year so then get 16 weeks unpaid holiday.

His Girl Friday said...

like the idea of 16 weeks off...but not the unpaid part! :/ :)

Hi Anna,
I'm glad there are many rallying around you/you all. I think staying positive (thought not always easy) is the trick. The trip does sound wonderful, and for wonderful memory making! :)