Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My latest job.

I thought I'd share with you some pics from my 'office'!
This is the Grosvenor House Apartments in Park Lane, London and I am the temporary Site Secretary. Not something I've had any experience with but I'll try anything. The only downside is the trek to London every day, on the Tube in 30 degrees is not fun and I'm not sure it's something I would want to do long term, but for now it's another interesting part of life's rich tapestry.


His Girl Friday said...

Hi Peajay,

oh, I don't envy your daily trek... and in the heat :/

still, a new season, and who knows what adventure, learning, growth it may bring (ok, trying to sound positive there!! ;Dx)

Anonymous said...

Met any gorgeous builders yet?!!!!!
S x

Peajay said...

Noooooooooo!!!!!! Lots of builders, just no georgeous ones.

Peajay said...

Sorry, so tired I can't spell. :/

Talking Bear said...

She met one years ago, but he was taken...LOL wink wink.

Thanks for the welcome back comment on my blog PJ, it made me smile. I am sure your trek is cooling off these days and maybe the builders will get better looking over rthere.

Peajay said...

Hi TB, journey's cooling towars rain so you just can't win. Builders definitely not getting better looking but I get the distinct impression that they draw ever closer to my office the corridor outside has so many guidelines marked up it looks like a landing strip! Methinks my office may be next for demolition!! :(

storyteller said...

Sorry to have been a stranger lately but I’ve been caught up watching the Olympics and busy with other things of late. I hope you’re enjoying your new job and that the ‘commute’ isn’t too tiring.
Hugs and blessings,