Saturday, August 22, 2009

Banksy Exhibition - Bristol

Today I got up early (not an unusual occurence as I'm generally up for work at 5:30 but it is the weekend) and drove from Welwyn Garden City to Bristol in order to see the Banksy exhibition at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.

Upon arriving we found the queue extended for a 6 hour wait, standing in the streets around the museum in the sun. No tickets are required so cannot be purchased in advance for timed entry or anything as convenient as that. Sufficed to say I came back home somewhat disappointed at not seeing the exhibition. I did however get to take some pictures of great graffiti along the harbour.


His Girl Friday said...

Art in of itself (usually-sans the not so nice and/or gang stuff here)

glad to see you about again, cousin :)x

Talking Bear said...

PJ, may I download and use you Grft pics,?

Peajay said...

Of course you can, no problem. Sorry for the delay in replying, it's a bit hectic at moment.